Italian jewelry handmade by skilled bead makers
code: B17-05
Italian jewelry, glass bracelet with beads in sea green color and floral patterns. Italian jewelry by Venetian craftsmen, bracelet in green colors.
lenght: cm. 18-19.
weight: grams 42.
number of glass beads: 15.
silver plated beads: none.
diameter of beads: mm. 13.0
diameter of the hole: mm. 4.5
core of glass beads: 925 sterling silver, with stamped logo on both sides.
fittings: bracelet in 925 sterling silver, lock in silver plated brass.
jewelry box: size cm. 7x7. Transparent red plastic with warranty card. Logo printed in gold. Interior in white flocked foam.

Italian jewelry,
Venetian expertise

Designer jewelry,
Italian expertise

Murano glass jewelry,
by Italian craftsmen