Italian jewelry created in Murano
code: N17-08
Italian jewelry created in Venice with blue glass beads Italian jewelry with lovely blue and white glass beads Italian jewelry refined in Italy
lenght: cm. 50.
weight: grams 96.
number of glass beads: 16.
size of beads: 9 pieces mm. 35x10 (curved cylindrical shape), 5 pieces mm. 30x10 (curved cylindrical shape), 2 pieces mm. 23 (flat round shape).
feature of beads: silver leaf melted in dark blue glass. Full white milky glass in the clasp.
fittings: rubber spacers in dark blue color (clasp), brass lobster clasp (gold plated), brass spacers, rings (gold plated).

Italian jewelry,
great workmanship

The main feature of the Italian jewelry is the value it acquired over time for unity and uniqueness. When a fabulous handmade necklace or bracelet with Murano glass beads is shown on rich celebrities, usually beautiful people who wear good fashion, the audience is impressed with the great workmanship and want to imitate them. In the manufacturing world are few companies that are able to propose interesting ideas to meet the need for trendy jewelry in the world. The US market is still indispensable for every wholesale Italian jewelry maker and the Italian company STRAVAGANTE is exploring the specific problems of the States as its main business contact.

Handmade necklace,
by trained bead makers

Creativity is the only answer to what is happening in the world, recession, competition and the global market. The innovation of an Italian jewelry product means to demonstrate how it is made because communication is the creation in itself. STRAVAGANTE is a well-established supplier of customized wholesale Murano glass jewelry. This refined Venetian handmade necklace is manufactured by trained bead makers. In this era of Internet we have been modernized and have opened online stores and storefronts of all types.

Murano glass jewelry,
colorful preciousness

The consumer must get the greatest guarantee from the wholesaler of Italian jewelry, in absolute terms. Among the manufacturers of handmade necklaces in which white or yellow of silver and gold are prevalent, STRAVAGANTE has been able to offer the international markets colorful combinations still unthinkable thanks to its Murano glass jewelry.