Pandora compatible charms custom-made in Italy.
code: B17-58
Pandora compatible charms, black and blue caoutchouc bracelet with Venetian glass beads. Pandora compatible charms, rubber glass bracelet.
lenght of rubber: cm. 40.
weight: grams 24.
glass beads: 4 pieces in blue zipper pattern.
silver plated beads: 3 pieces with enamel.
silver plated dangles: 2 pieces with big star charms.
diameter of beads: mm. 13.0
diameter of the hole: mm. 4.5
bracelet: rubber in black and blue color (caoutchouc) with 2 silver plated clasps.
jewelry box: size cm. 9x9. Luxury cardboard in red color with warranty card. Interior cover in white satin fabric with logo printed in gold. Base in white flocked foam.

Pandora compatible charms,
Italian expertise

Lampwork beads,
Venetian expertise

Jewelry beads
by Italian craftsmen