Pandora compatible charms manufactured with amazing expertise
code: N17-23
Pandora compatible charms by amazing artisans Pandora compatible charms by amazing Italian craftsmen Pandora compatible charms by amazing craftpersons based in Murano
lenght: cm. 45.
weight: grams 30.
number of glass beads: 17.
size of beads: 15 pieces mm. 12x7 (Pandora style), 2 pieces mm. 12x7 (Pandora style in the clasp).
feature of beads: milky white glass with embossed turquoise decoration.
fittings: 4 threads of light blue organza ribbon, light blue rubber in the clasp, brass lobster clasp (silver plated), brass spacers, chains, rings (silver plated).

Pandora compatible charms,
Murano glass beads

Our company is renowned for the quantity and quality of Pandora compatible charms made with colorful and fine Murano glass. STRAVAGANTE is devoting a flexible attitude to an extremely selective glass jewelry market in terms of originality, style and innovation. There is so much craftsmanship in the production of Italian jewelry that can be updated without ever losing either strenght or grace, sweetness or fashion in making smart jewellery. Our colorful Pandora compatible charms and Pandora glass beads for necklaces and bracelets are lively interpretations of where any glass jewelry piece breaks an otherwise monotonous rhythm.

Italian jewelry,
Venetian handiwork

The elegance and sophistication of handmade Italian jewelry dictated the aesthetic canons from 1500 to date while maintaining extreme secrecy about the techniques used. The ancient Venetian tradition in the production of glass jewelry has never been broken and its schools are still a world landmark. Gold is normally not used in our Pandora compatible charms because we believe that costume jewelry represents an affordable option even if not insensitive to every single refined and distinguished detail. This is the reason we can advise you where to buy the best customized Murano glass jewelry. The experience accumulated by our bead makers in the production of attractive Pandora compatible charms is remarkable because it comes from the innumerable nice contacts and exchange of good ideas with the customer.

Glass jewelry
made with gorgeous beads

The designer of our Pandora compatible charms made with Venetian glass, not only delivers creativity and style to his work with a distinctive vision of the world, but also a good part of his own personality. STRAVAGANTE produces precious Italian jewelry for the wholesale European market of glass jewelry fashion. STRAVAGANTE designers has always felt that wearing some gorgeous pieces of Murano glass jewelry always means expressing something about themselves. It is like launching a fashion signal, or more likely to try to send a strictly personal message.