Pandora glass beads, amazing Murano artistry
code: N17-22
Pandora glass beads, amazing craft art made in Italy Pandora glass beads, amazing Venetian handiwork Pandora glass beads, amazing skillfulness by Murano bead makers
lenght: cm. 45.
weight: grams 32.
number of glass beads: 18.
size of beads: 16 pieces mm. 12x7 (Pandora style), 2 pieces mm. 12x7 (Pandora style in the clasp).
feature of beads: scarlet red glass, with acid etched external surface (matte finishing).
fittings: 4 threads of black organza ribbon, black rubber in the clasp, brass lobster clasp (gold plated), brass spacers, chains, rings (gold plated).

Pandora glass beads,
authentic Murano style

Pandora glass beads for necklaces and bracelets made by STRAVAGANTE can be really considered unique. Our Murano Pandora glass beads with big hole have intrinsic features that no one else has. Here you find trendy products for your online jewelry boutique wherever it is based. Discover the latest models of STRAVAGANTE designer jewelry such as necklaces assembled with silver cored Pandora glass beads. Not to mention the beautiful custom made jewelry with Swarovski crystal components that are compatible with Chamilia and Biagi. Low prices and excellent quality, is the ideal solution for the aware wholesale designer jewelry business.

Designer jewelry,
handmade Italian necklaces

STRAVAGANTE is a designer jewelry wholesale brand with the vocation to contaminate the Murano glass language and to set the trend rules of style. From pastel colours to the most aggressively bright ones, our Pandora glass beads and bracelets nothing slip from the colorful world. We are leaders in the most appealing art of custom made jewelry, we always develop ideas for making Murano glass jewelry with unique Pandora style. Showing the essentials of refined elegance and philosophy, in our Pandora glass beads we can see the new blossoming of legends whose items belong to the myth of the Mediterranean Sea.

Custom made jewelry
by trained beadmakers

Glass is an artificial product created by man. The elements of any custom made jewelry item are easily found in nature, but they must be heated up to a liquid state to return to the solid state completely transformed into wonderful Pandora glass beads. Our trusted beadmakers, are constantly working and inventing new designer jewelry ideas based on their culture derived from Italian art. They have a great experience, they are prepared by studying in the most renowned Italian and European schools. They can solve any custom made jewelry problem by defining the layout of a project for any need. Their talented craftmanship creates elegant, exquisite and sophisticated Pandora glass beads in the Venetian style.