Venetian glass necklace, unique craftmanship, great competence
code: N18-04
from the left:
Venetian glass necklace, 4 Murano colorful pendants with silver leaf Venetian glass necklace, with opaque black chain and opaque black closure-clasp Venetian glass necklace, lovely jewelry box for Murano pendants
lenght: cm. 45 (customizable on request).
size of pendant: mm. 30-45 x 30-40, width mm. 6.
weight: grams 24-30.
chain: anodized aluminum in satin black.
clasp: toggle closure, anodized aluminum in satin black.
jewelry box: size cm. 7x7. Transparent red plastic with warranty card. Logo printed in gold. Interior in white flocked foam.

Venetian glass necklace,
by skilled artisans

Boutique collection jewelry wholesale,
custom-made in Venice

Italian glass jewelry,
wonderful artistry