artisan jewelry, bracelets made with wonderful Italian workmanship.
code: B17-42
artisan jewelry, bracelet handmade with wonderful artistry in Italy. artisan jewelry, great talent in this bracelet.
lenght: cm. 20.
weight: grams 22.
glass beads: 8 pieces without metal core, 1 flat piece with 24 k gold leaf.
silver plated beads: none.
diameter of beads: mm. 13.0
diameter of the hole: mm. 4.5
bracelet: gold plated aluminum chain.
fittings: lobster clasp in gold plated brass, satin finished balls.
jewelry box: size cm. 7x7. Transparent red plastic with warranty card. Logo printed in gold. Interior in white flocked foam.

Artisan jewelry,
amazing competence

Glass jewelry,
unique craftmanship

Custom jewelry,
unique workmanship