artisan jewelry made with charming glass beads
code: N17-12
artisan jewelry with appealing glass beads artisan jewelry made with gorgeous glass beads artisan jewelry: smart glass beads
lenght: cm. 50.
weight: grams 142.
number of glass beads: 15.
size of beads: 13 pieces mm. 18x14x14 (rectangular shape), 2 pieces mm. 35x10 (cylindrical shape in the clasp).
feature of beads: 24k gold and silver leaf melted into crystal, brown, olive glass.
fittings: brass lobster clasp (gold plated), brass spacers, rings, chain (gold plated).

Artisan jewelry,
colorful custom necklaces

Sometimes our most experienced Venetian glassmasters are invited to reproduce antique artisan jewelry that is now classic. It is presumed that the finest wholesale fashion jewelry has been refined in Venice more than elsewhere in Europe. Our custom necklaces are on an elite crafts level. In the panorama of international manufacturers of fine artisan jewelry and charms, STRAVAGANTE is definitely one of the most interesting proposals. No company has ever been able to produce colorful handmade custom necklaces and bracelets with a high level of quality and at an economical price that is a fraction of that of the most famous names.

Wholesale fashion jewelry,
Italian excellence

The consumer of artisan jewelry is an asset for our organization. It is the person with whom we develop an understanding, we offer our ability, trust and opportunity. At STRAVAGANTE we produce wholesale fashion jewelry with glass charms and Murano beads. Custom necklaces are our best and skillful point to competent expertise. The association with artisan jewelry art, speaking about Murano glass beads, is the fruit of a millennium of history with regard to Italian fashion. Craftsmen have helped to make glass material from simple sand to one of the highest artistic expressions of style. Our custom necklaces are really fashionable examples of this art.

Custom necklaces,
with Murano glass beads

The origins of the Italian art of custom necklaces with Murano glass beads repercussed before the first millennium, when precious stones with colored glass were made and used in antique artisan jewelry crafts that worked as chromatic accents. Some Murano custom-made glassmakers, wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturers, have had remarkable results in Venice, especially in the sommerso glass body. STRAVAGANTE is perhaps the best-known Italian artisan jewelry company that has been more active in trying to reach these levels of quality and style.