boutique jewelry custom-made in Murano
code: N17-06
boutique jewelry custom-made in Venice boutique jewelry with custom-made glass beads boutique jewelry manufactured in Italy
lenght: cm. 52.
weight: grams 102.
number of glass beads: 17.
size of beads: 15 pieces mm. 20x20 (flat square shape), 2 pieces mm. 15 (flat round shape).
feature of beads: milky glass with 24k gold leaf melted in turquoise and purple glass. External crystal coating.
fittings: anodized aluminum chain (gold finished), brass lobster clasp (gold plated), brass spacers, rings (gold plated).

Boutique jewelry,
Italian charming style

The glass boutique jewelry produced by fashion suppliers was at its height in the 1930s. Today STRAVAGANTE offers the most complete selection of unique necklaces and sells them to international wholesale market of boutique jewelry. The ability to make fine jewels like this handmade necklace, is a hereditary characteristic that belongs to my family. Thanks to this, today my staff is able to propose to online jewelry stores what can be found in the best way from the point of view of jewelery creativity. Credibility for any fashion jewelery maker is a living asset that should be promoted every day without ever tiring.

Online jewelry stores,
to buy unique necklaces

Charms and glass beads for boutique jewelry shops represented our typical fashion jewelry production in the last 12 years of wholesale. For a long time modern boutique jewelry have been characterized by a triad of invariable colors, that of emeralds, rubies and sapphires. STRAVAGANTE has introduced in its chromatic vocabulary fashion colors such as purple, pink, yellow and orange for unique necklaces. The Murano glass jewelery and bracelets produced by our proficent lampworkers and manufacturers are so precious as they are beautiful and refined jewelry, suitable for any event or anniversary. We are wholesale suppliers of online jewelry stores with sophisticated details in our glass beads. This is the best strategy to fight imitations, at least the scammers will have difficulty.

Unique necklaces,
by talented lampworkers

We base our boutique jewelry style on our exclusive real capabilities because we are operating in a wholesale environment with many fashion jewelery manufacturers, lots of creative minds for online jewelry stores. The family tradition is great, but a glass jeweler, if he wants to create unique necklaces and bracelets for boutique jewelry owners, he can not live on the only tradition. He needs continuous creativity, something that really distinguishes him. The classic is constantly re-lived, re-designed, revised, our idea of classic jewelery is very modern and our customers call it STRAVAGANTE style.