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Our business is focused on clients who normally buy jewelry online. STRAVAGANTE provides the best jewelry website online. So, our Murano glass designers have always been characterized by an obsessive search of quality to meet any request from clients. The reasons why you should buy custom made jewelry from us? To manage the increasingly complex and demanding needs of the world of the boutique jewelry we had to change over time many processes. We are an online jewelry boutique and we need to optimize not only the timing but also the style and the ability to propose new ideas. Those who buy jewelry online what they think of us? Today we can be proud of the results achieved with the creation of a constantly renewed collection of Murano glass necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Moreover, our glass beads in the Pandora style are considered to be among the best by the International buyers of boutique jewelry. Many clients of ours are persuaded that we manage one of the best online jewelry store. Therefore, you are here because this is the best place to buy jewelry online.

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If you want to buy bracelet charms in bulk, STRAVAGANTE is the right option. If you want to buy jewelry in bulk to sell, again STRAVAGANTE is the right choice. You have to get advice from the right people, from experts in the field, especially when you buy jewelry wholesale online. Italian jewelers produce the best pieces for women who love to buy jewelry made from Murano glass. Italian glass beaded bracelets and necklaces available in the stores of jewelers are excellent works of art. The always growing presence of our boutique jewelry in the shops from around the world makes our style immediately recognizable and makes easier the idea to buy jewelry from us. STRAVAGANTE is an online jewelry boutique and produces pieces of Murano glass jewelry to be desired, to be loved. The excellence on one side and the cutting-edge technology on the other are the cornerstones of our success. In order to appreciate the beauty and to buy jewelry from the rich collection of STRAVAGANTE glass necklaces, a variety of factors are considered. New consumers are attracted by the look of nice and elegant boutique jewelry items, more than the value of them. We are an online jewelry boutique and must be able to take it into account from now on, to keep our positions in the International markets. We are able to provide assistance and useful advice even when buying wholesale jewelry for resale to those who intend to do so.

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Murano Venice is one of the most ancient productive settlements of boutique jewelry still in activity. STRAVAGANTE offers a wide range of Murano glass jewelry and beads, also in Pandora style. They are highly appreciated by conoisseurs who buy jewelry online: each piece is exclusive and unrepeatable. Italian lampworkers of our online jewelry boutique offer a collection of unique Pandora Murano charms to supplement the personality of each woman. To achieve this purpose they are inspired by the most important works of Italian boutique jewelry art. If you come to buy jewelry you'll find that our pieces are characterized by extreme versatility and outstanding design. Through a wide range of glass necklaces with unique patterns and enamel decorations, also in cubic zirconia and other precious materials, all women may finally achieve their unique style.