custom jewelry with fashionable glass beads
code: N17-13
custom jewelry with modish glass beads custom jewelry with Murano glass beads custom jewelry, Italian lampworking
lenght: cm. 48.
weight: grams 176.
number of glass beads: 15.
size of beads: 13 pieces mm. 20 (round shape), 2 pieces mm. 30x20 (twisted leaf shape in the clasp).
feature of beads: 24k gold leaf melted and wrapped onto dark green core glass. External crystal coating.
fittings: brass lobster clasp (gold plated), brass spacers, rings, cups (gold plated).

Custom jewelry,
handcrafted necklaces

In the past centuries, craftsmen of custom jewelry in Venice began to accumulate some singular skills in the production of large objects such as this glass necklace, presumably collected during the vast trade of the Republic of Venice. The Murano island in 1200 was declared an industrial area and soon became the capital of the artistic handcrafted jewelry in the world. Today, the high quality of custom jewelry items produced by STRAVAGANTE, beyond the purity of the material and the validity of design, is essentially in the manual ability of its craftsmen. Here is a good example of glass necklace made with the finest artisan jewelry techniques.

Glass necklace,
colorful Venetian beads

Through modeling canes and glass tubes, you can create precious custom jewelry, glass bracelets or beads, rings, earrings and other jewels made in Murano Venice. The gas and air mixture allows you to draw delicate colored designs of beads, given the lower temperature. In this glass necklace you can see our approach that allows you to find a custom jewelry in tune with your taste. From more sophisticated designs to more sober styles, combined with handicrafts, in our handcrafed jewelry production there is a whole series of colorful Venetian beads.

Handcrafted jewelry,
Italian workmanship

The most important criteria for judging an Italian custom jewelry are factors such as originality, composition and ability. Because of this specialty about current fashion, it offers a way to articulate our feelings and our most intimate emotions. Although evaluating the value of a glass necklace is a very subjective process, the quality of the work itself sets the standard of any custom jewelry.