custom necklaces made by skillful bead makers
code: N17-01
custom necklaces by talented bead makers custom necklaces made by dexterous bead makers custom necklaces by able Italian bead makers
lenght: cm. 75.
weight: grams 85.
number of glass beads: 9.
size of beads: 3 pieces mm. 35 (leaf shape), 4 pieces mm. 30 (leaf shape), 2 pieces mm. 25 (leaf shape).
feature of beads: silver leaf melted in transparent blue glass.
fittings: anodized aluminum chain (silver finished), brass toggle clasp (silver plated), brass spacers, rings, pins (silver plated).

Custom necklaces,
with Murano glass beads

As for the production of custom necklaces, even today, for visitors to Murano, the same scenes that inspired writers and legends are represented. In fact, the structure of the laboratories, in which colorful Murano glass beads are produced for the wholesale business, has remained unchanged over time. The new technology in producing custom necklaces or bracelets is only seen in small details. All this is due to the attachment that glass jewelry craftsmen have towards tradition. Even the craftsmen working for STRAVAGANTE designers have developed unmistakable techniques to create extraordinary beads of Pandora type, always following the ancient art of Venetian lampworking.

Custom made jewelry,
Italian manufacture

Custom necklaces are modeled using small instruments in human or animal shapes or plants to obtain a wide range of handmade glass beads. In Venice, the glass of custom made jewelry is considered a plastic material to model and blow while it is warm in the most refined and varied colors. Looking at our line of women's necklace you see that the Italian production of any glass necklace is definitely in contrast to other glass productions that traditionally use glass as a hard and monochromatic material to print or cut.

Glass necklace,
genuine Venetian tradition

Since 1291 glassworks like glass necklaces have moved from Venice to the island of Murano for security reasons and perhaps for reasons of secrecy. Custom made jewelry craftsmen have also been banned from Venice and since then Murano has linked his destiny to glassware. In the following centuries the glass masters of Venice specializing in custom necklaces began to accumulate some singular skills in glass production. Beautiful and intricate decorative pieces of glass necklace have been produced, often showing new complex techniques developed by the extraordinary craftsmen of Murano.