designer necklaces manufactured by competent bead makers
code: N17-03
designer necklaces produced by skilled bead makers designer necklaces by skilled artisans designer necklaces, handmade in Italy
lenght: cm. 45.
weight: grams 70.
number of glass beads: 21.
size of beads: 20 pieces mm. 15x15 (twisted shape), 1 piece mm. 20 (flat round shape).
feature of beads: 24k gold leaf melted in transparent red glass. Clasp wrapped with 24k gold stripes.
fittings: anodized aluminum chain (gold finished), brass chain in the clasp (gold plated), brass spacers, rings, pins (gold plated).

Designer necklaces,
with Murano glass beads

While in the past designer necklaces were real precious investments, they now focus on the beauty of design and less luxurious materials and stuff. STRAVAGANTE has faced its future in a completely renewed form. Not only in the production of Murano glass beads, but also in the image of colorful unique jewelry and content items. STRAVAGANTE intends to go beyond its natural boundaries of the manufacture of designer necklaces with beautiful Murano glass beads. We stand up for a leader in organizing off-site events, thus becoming a wholesale exportable and available brand of unique jewelry made in Italy.

Murano glass beads,
Italian excellence

Our new collections of designer necklaces are stories drawn in the light with sudden sinkings in the shade. This glass necklace is molded according to Murano glass beads canons which have always been our dearest field. That's why our unique jewelry and bracelets are artwork and gain value over time and are appreciated all over the world. With regard to the economic and commercial impact of this Italian excellence in the world of wholesale glass jewelery, our wide range of designer necklaces can be a powerful tool for market penetration. At STRAVAGANTE, we focus on contemporary Italian works of Murano glass beads, paying special attention to the needs of the international market that always require unique jewelry and fashion accessories from Italian jewelery factories.

Unique jewelry,
by qualified glass masters

Fire is the transformer element of fashion designer necklaces handmade with Murano glass beads. The fusion gives the glass a structure, shape, color and finally a style. The increase in temperature changes the state of the glass and the processing techniques. Murano became the Italian manufacturing centre for Venetian unique jewelry. This jewerly has been exported in large quantities to wholesale throughout Europe, fostering and developing to a large extent the customized wholesale market. The techniques used by our qualified glass masters to produce artistic beads for designer necklaces are maintained in strict secrecy. Even the ancient Venetian Republic, to protect its artisans, issued edicts forbidding the importation of foreign glass, and forbidding to those who worked in the furnaces to make known the techniques.