fashion jewelry wholesale made with great workmanship
code: N17-15
fashion jewelry wholesale, great Italian artistry fashion jewelry wholesale, great Venetian craft art fashion jewelry wholesale, great handiwork made in Murano
lenght: cm. 42.
weight: grams 74.
number of glass beads: 14.
size of beads: 10 pieces mm. 20x20 (heart shape), 4 pieces mm. 12x7 (Pandora style beads in the clasp).
feature of beads: silver leaf melted into transparent crystal glass.
fittings: brass chain (silver plated), brass toggle clasp (silver plated), brass spacers, rings (silver plated).

Fashion jewelry wholesale,
Italian handiwork

The International fashion jewelry wholesale market greatly appreciates Venetian production. In Italy, there are several Murano glass beads producers whose designers create handmade glass artifacts that are truly exceptional from the point of view of colors, decorations and even the originality of the shapes. Traffic from abroad to the Veneto area and around Venice is constantly fueled despite the recent European crisis. This womens necklace is the result of a wise experience, creativity and knowledge of customer desires. It is a superb example of designer jewelry where the coupling of the paired heart shape is unique in its kind.

Murano glass beads,
appealing design

Fashion jewelry wholesale retailers often have very special needs. For example, they require colorful forms and models of Murano glass beads with features that are sometimes very difficult to obtain. The bead makers working for STRAVAGANTE have remarkable attitudes of listening to the clientele, in fact they actually made this womens necklace after proposing it to American customers asking for something like that. And these US fashion jewelry wholesale retailers adhered to the proposal and were excited about it.

Womens necklace made
by trained bead makers

The Japanese, Australian and European markets of fashion jewelry wholesale appreciate the manual ability of our well-known bead makers. In contemporary glass-making art, large works of Murano glass beads jewelry are often more highly valued than small works produced by the same glass artist. Our fashion jewelry wholesale clients loved this womens necklace. Especially they love precious Murano glass beads for necklaces and bracelets because they express a universal language and style.