glass beads, sophisticated models
code: N17-11
glass beads, exquisite manufacture glass beads, attractive design glass beads, lovely models made in Italy
lenght: cm. 47.
weight: grams 66.
number of glass beads: 6.
size of beads: 5 pieces mm. 30 (flat round shape), 1 piece mm. 20x20 (heart shape in the clasp).
feature of beads: 24k gold leaf melted into crystal glass.
fittings: anodized aluminum chain (gold finished), brass chain clasp (gold plated), brass spacers, rings, pins (gold plated).

Glass beads,
unique Italian fashion

This womens necklace is produced by STRAVAGANTE and is made of glass beads and charms. This handcrafted jewelry shows a unique Italian fashion design. Elegant and colorful glass elements and talented artifacts with lampwork techniques. Our fashion jewelry wholesale customers love this womens necklace. Above all they love precious Murano glass beads because they express a universal language and style. It is a way that allows people to engage themselves to connect their imagination with fashionable materials.

Fashion jewelry wholesale,
colorful handicraft

The winning card for the sale of colored jewelery made of glass beads is a short distribution chain that means getting closer to the consumer as much as possible. STRAVAGANTE cool ambitious strategy is the opening up of single brand stores, so we need to expand the range of our fashion jewelry wholesale products. Fashion jewelry wholesale manufacturers are witness to changes that until a few years ago seemed crazy. So, they need to offer glass beads jewelry that reflect this reality. The inspiration, the poet said, is a deep breath, but the ideas behind the design of this womens necklace are, on the other hand, something different, the result of long studies, flashes and creative talents.

Womens necklace,
Murano glass beads

STRAVAGANTE has developed a full range of unique glass beads for womens necklace and bracelet lines by testing and refining new Italian techniques in the processing of Murano glass rods. STRAVAGANTE has adopted a manual production, in short series, of Murano glass beads technically and formally refined but convenient. Its special processing techniques used to produce affordable wholesale fashion jewelry allow for optimum resource optimization, reducing processing time to make glass beads and charms.