glass jewelry, unique Murano expertise
code: N17-27
glass jewelry made by unique artisans based in Italy glass jewelry by unique craftsmen glass jewelry by unique Venetian craftpersons
lenght: cm. 53.
weight: grams 78.
number of glass beads: 11.
size of beads: 9 pieces mm. 35x10 (cylindrical shape), 2 pieces mm. 20x20 (heart shape in the clasp).
feature of beads: 24k gold leaf wrapped around full turquoise glass. Embossed decoration in turquoise glass. 24k gold leaf melted into crystal glass in the clasp.
fittings: turquoise rubber spacers, brass lobster clasp (gold plated), brass filigree spacers, rings (gold plated).

Glass jewelry necklace,
lovely Venetian style

STRAVAGANTE's main business is the export of Venetian glass jewelry, especially customized necklaces made with lovely jewelry beads. Murano glass jewelry is considered the milestone in the history of art glass. Writing the history of Venetian glass jewelry is equivalent to reviewing the history of man's style, because jewelry beads, as ornament and symbols of social status, appear in all primitive peoples. Wholesale boutique jewelry is a unique activity in the Lagoon environment, giving Venice a renewed cultural and economic prestige and fashion. STRAVAGANTE produces for the wholesale fashion jewelry importers colorful necklaces and bracelets. Jewels with particular specialties, with their own and unique characteristics.

Wholesale boutique jewelry,
colorful and refined

Only a few enthusiastic glass jewelry artisans compete in this sublime art and the high levels of skill gained are significant. Murano isle experienced its main development after 1291, when furnaces were moved there from Venice. Every year and in every season there are crowds of wholesale boutique jewelry agents who come to factories in Venice to make their own profitable business with special jewelry beads made of refined and colorful art glass. The most important chapter in the history of glass jewelry, from the Renaissance to the twentieth century, is the European industry of wholesale boutique jewelry, mainly fashion jewelry beads and charms.

Jewelry beads made
by talented craftsmen

The production of Murano glass jewelry was accompanied by a proliferation of varieties of jewelry beads and by continuous improvements in techniques and production style. The recent production of wholesale boutique jewelry is dedicated to increasing the fashion business, in particular handmade necklaces and bracelets. The success of the glass jewelry provider often depends on the ability to recognize local tastes and respond with appropriate products. STRAVAGANTE is an Italian company that has decided to specialize in the production of sophisticated jewelry beads to meet the ever growing demands of the International buyers of wholesale boutique jewelry. An important factor in business expansion adopted by some ingenious manufacturers is the ability to integrate their efforts with the existing commercial networks.