glass necklace made by able Venetian bead makers
code: N17-02
lenght: cm. 67.
weight: grams 70.
number of glass beads: 9.
size of beads: 7 pieces mm. 25x15 (long oval shape), 2 pieces mm. 15x12 (rectangular shape).
feature of beads: silver leaf melted in transparent light blue glass and crystal glass. External volute shaped and embossed decorations.
fittings: anodized aluminum chain (gold finished), brass lobster clasp (gold plated), brass spacers, rings, pins (gold plated).

Glass necklace,
with Italian lampwork beads

This glass necklace is made following the Venetian tradition of Murano glass jewelery. Lampwork beads are at the culmination of Italian style and fashion. They are renowned all over the world for the quality and variety of shapes and for the colors of their trendy jewelry ideas. Over time, the art of the talented lampwork beads manufacturer in Murano has evolved with changes in history, fashion and style. The jewelery components used in any glass necklace are produced with the best available technology. Here at STRAVAGANTE you can admire many beautiful custom necklaces that are modern and trendy examples of this Italian jewelry art.

Trendy jewelry,
handmade and colorful

The art of making this type of glass necklace accompanied man since ancient times. As regards the artistic lampwork beads tradition, the production by hand based in Venice of trendy jewelry continues without interruption even for the wholesale business. Murano customized beads are typical elements of a precious glass necklace and are something easily distinguishable. The true lover of Italian and Venetian trendy jewelry recognizes at first glance the European style. Those who wear glass jewelry equipped with Murano lampwork beads experience the pleasure to be part of an exclusive world.

Lampwork beads,
by skilled Italian artisans

The design of a glass necklace made in Italy, especially with lampwork beads decorated for amazingly trendy jewelry, is a uniform and consistent sign of fashion. From symbol of magic to sentimental value, a glass necklace made by skilled artisans, by show of power to membership of a certain social class, have become an accessory most loved and cherished by women who adore the style of Murano Venice. As each piece of quality trendy jewelry, every Murano glass necklace or bracelet becomes a fundamental part of the personality of the wearer.