handcrafted jewelry assembled in Murano
code: N17-10
handcrafted jewelry assembled in Venice handcrafted jewelry with elegant glass beads handcrafted jewelry made with stylish glass beads
lenght: cm. 43.
weight: grams 120.
number of glass beads: 13.
size of beads: 3 pieces mm. 25 (round shape), 4 pieces mm. 15 (round shape), 6 pieces mm. 12x7 (Pandora style).
feature of beads: 24k gold embossed decoration on milky white and turquoise glass.
fittings: anodized aluminum chain (silver finished), brass toggle clasp (silver plated), brass cups, rings (silver plated).

Handcrafted jewelry,
lovely glass necklaces

Many handcrafted jewelry made by STRAVAGANTE lampworkers or custom necklaces and charms or specially fashioned Pandora glass beads are developed by referring to ancient shapes and styles. As happened in the history of Murano handcrafted jewelry, we observe that women wanted a little more glamor and style when looking for custom necklaces often desired. But unfortunately real jewelery cost a fortune so it was a good idea to turn into massive glass jewelry with lovely lampwork beads. This has not prevented from making anyhow trendy necklaces that satisfy and fully fill this gap.

Custom necklaces,
Italian workmanship

How can you find authentic and handcrafted jewelry? Today, competition in the wholesale costume jewelry area is even stiffer. Former precious jewels have often been offered by fake or dubious producers, such as those in Asia who sell cheap lampwork beads, but nobody has talked about it. The things to look for in this game are fake costume jewelry items along with falsifications and poor design and style. Custom necklaces made by our qualified craftsmen have been increasingly copied and their use has been extended to the rich who for safety reasons prefer not to wear precious jewelery.

Lampwork beads,
made in Murano Venice

We are cool glassmakers of handcrafted jewelry often in trouble when sourcing the staff who is familiar with this type of work. We also lack new young teachers in the lampworking of Murano glass beads. However, the good resourcefulness and entrepreneurship of the staff in STRAVAGANTE has allowed us to help many young talents create custom necklaces: freshness, new ideas, affordable prices and smart deals make luxury an evolving industry.