handmade necklace handcrafted in Murano
code: N17-05
handmade necklace, handcrafted in Venice handmade necklace with handcrafted glass beads handmade necklace, custom-made in Italy
lenght: cm. 52.
weight: grams 76.
number of glass beads: 11.
size of beads: 3 pieces mm. 40x18 (twisted shape), 4 pieces mm. 30x14 (twisted shape), 4 pieces mm. 25x12 (twisted shape).
feature of beads: silver leaf melted in black (onyx) glass. External crystal coating.
fittings: anodized aluminum chain (silver finished), brass toggle clasp (silver plated), brass spacers, rings (silver plated).

Handmade necklace,
Murano glass jewelry

In the past there have been attempts to imitate Venetian jewels such as this handmade necklace. This piece of custom jewelry is made by experienced lampworkers with the technique known as 'sommerso'. This Murano glass jewelry is produced in wholesale quantity using a colorful or monochrome glass core, then covered with a thiny layer of clear coating glass. This kind of handmade necklace must continually innovate to succeed, interpreting and influencing the public's taste. In recent years, vintage articles by custom jewelry providers have begun to be considered real objects of worship and their great longevity demonstrates its high quality and value. This is a phenomenon that continues today thanks to the work of skilled craftsmen who have been able to make fantastic pieces of glass jewelry necklaces.

Custom jewelry,
by trained lampworkers

Creative people based here at STRAVAGANTE are great custom jewelry manufacturers. The recipient of their unique supplies and their enthusiastic services are those companies that use items like this handmade necklace to work or to sell to end users or to other companies similar to them. STRAVAGANTE has always tried to follow the shapes, style and colors of the boundless source of inspiration represented by Italian glass jewelry art. From this inspiration our great qualified lampworkers get the innovative beaded creations for necklaces and bracelets. Our handmade necklace is appreciated by many fashion wholesalers.

Fashion glass jewelry,
made in Italy

Looking at the famous brands, there are many jewelry makers of precious items such as this handmade necklace. Their goal has always been to keep close ties to the history of Italian fashion. No room for the machine is left in our labs when we work on custom jewelry beads. Here, the master and his assistants participate in every stage of glass jewelry modeling. I was born as a custom jewelry designer and I feel the strength of the original lab. I like to follow the physical process of jewel phases and walks, as I did with this handmade necklace.