handmade jewelry made in Italy
handmade jewelry, Murano necklace in blue Pandora glass beads handmade jewelry, Murano bracelet with Pandora glass beads handmade jewelry, Murano pendant in Venetian Pandora style
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Handmade jewelry
with Murano glass beads

STRAVAGANTE is a company based in Italy specializing in the production of handmade jewelry, with a preference for the Venetian Murano glass style. Our company has created one of the most efficient artisan jewelry websites. Our designer jewelry is produced by artisans who follow the tradition of the original works made in Murano island. We love to define this handmade jewelry as focused on a whirlwind of creations with glass charms and precious metals like gold and silver. The unmistakable Italian jewelry manufacture is appreciated by many worldwide wholesale buyers. We classify ourselves among the most popular jewellery brands, perhaps among the top 10 jewellery brands in world, because we develop unique handmade jewelry ideas to make unique handmade jewelry designs. Our handmade jewelry creations are made from glass and 925 sterling silver by skilled artisan jewelry designers and beadmakers according to the ancient tradition of the Venetian and Italian glass jewellery art. The peculiarity of our artists is focused on creating handmade jewellery designs with beads. We make available to our public one of the best handmade jewellery online store. The opinions of our customers have confirmed their excellent experience on our handmade jewellery shop online.
handmade jewelry, Murano pendant in dichroic glass

Venetian designer jewelry
is renowned worldwide

A few examples of our wholesale production of handmade jewelry: lamp worked Pandora style glass beads, glass bracelets, women's necklace lines, pendants, rings, charm beads with large hole and millefiori inserts. We have created one of the most significant beaded jewelry websites. We offer one of the best experiences for our customers who want to buy online. Please review our beads jewellery designs catalogue. Scrolling through the pages of our site you will be stimulated to create your own handmade beaded jewelry design ideas. Where we make this handmade jewelry? We manage several handmade artisan jewelry Italian facilities consisting in over twenty glass laboratories based in Murano-Venice, in Tuscany and Umbria regions, and in other areas localized in North Italy. All of them contributed to the drafting of the final version of the best handmade beaded jewelry websites. Who are the buyers of our handmade jewelry? Over the last twenty years we have consolidated important business relations with International importers specializing in original and genuine beaded jewelry designs made in Italy. Each of them offers a complete handmade jewellery designs catalogue online in their country.
handmade jewelry, Murano pendant in Italian style

Italian jewelry handmade:
fine glass manufacture

Going back to the history of handmade bead jewelry, since the beginning of time, humans have created ornamental glass beads and handmade jewelry for their personal adornment. STRAVAGANTE developed a wide range of unique glass beads for Pandora with silver core by trying out and perfecting new handmade jewelry techniques to improve the basic procedures. The resulting products are fantastic designer jewelry beads following the lampworking style of glass artisans based in Murano. STRAVAGANTE adopted a flexible handmade jewelry production to meet the fashion requirements and get technically and formally refined Italian jewelry charms. The final goal is to obtain sophisticated Pandora style bracelets.
handmade jewelry, Murano earrings with murrine

Uniqueness of Murano:
truly handmade jewelry

What is special about Murano handmade jewelry? Murano is an island of the Venetian lagoon renowned for its artistic glassware and colorful designer jewelry. Its history and success is bound not only to handmade jewelry but to glassware manufacturing in general, and the name Murano itself is associated to glass almost as a synonym. This association is the fruit of a millennium of history where Murano with its craftsman masters, and beadmakers with their handmade jewelry, contributed to make this material from simple sand to one of the highest artistic expressions. To see a beadmaker working while he is shaping this material with fire, remains still one of the most fascinating spectacles one can watch.
handmade jewelry, Murano earrings made in Italy

Guarantee of
genuine handmade jewelry

We guarantee the authenticity of our handmade jewelry items made from glass. We guarantee the made-in-Italy manufacture. Each glass designer jewelry is produced in a limited number and is lampworked by hand, the setting is hand-finished as well. The objects d'art in our handmade jewelry collection have been crafted in the tradition of the ancient art, handed down from century to century by the masters of Murano glasswork. It is the apparent imperfections that unmistakably mark the hand craftsmanship, bubbles, shades and variations in hue, caused by manual dosages of the quantities of glass which are shaped. Such characteristics, highly appreciated by conoisseurs of handmade jewelry made in Italy, make each piece exclusive and unrepeatable. That is why our designer jewelry, acquires value in time and is appreciated all over the world.
handmade jewelry, Murano earrings with millefiori
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