jewelry beads, great Italian skillfulness
code: N17-16
jewelry beads, great Italian expertise jewelry beads, great artisans based in Murano jewelry beads, great Venetian craftsmen
lenght: cm. 44.
weight: grams 80.
number of glass beads: 13.
size of beads: 10 pieces mm. 20x20 (heart shape), 2 pieces mm. 12x7 (Pandora style beads), 1 piece mm. 20x20 (heart shape in the clasp).
feature of beads: 24k gold leaf melted into transparent amethyst glass. Purple glass with melted 24k gold leaf in the Pandora style beads.
fittings: anodized aluminum chain (gold finished), chain clasp (gold plated), brass spacers, cups, rings, pins (gold plated).

Jewelry beads
for designer necklaces

With regard to Venetian jewelry beads produced by our talented lampworkers, they fit many designer necklaces and bracelets. The best accents for custom jewelry and also for fashion jewelry wholesale business are obtained with the overlay of glass layers in different colors. Our skilled producers of jewelry beads have experienced sophisticated shapes of lampworked patterns for small and inexpensive items such as custom jewelry components even for large designer necklaces. Sometimes in the same piece of custom jewelry object, precious metals could be combined with glass jewelry beads.

Designer necklaces,
custom handmade

As my satisfaction with jewelry beads, manufactured for Murano glass jewelry, grew during the project of my designer necklaces, I experienced new lustering techniques, often inspired by ancient Roman glass. The art of jewelry beads has been cultivated for so long, just as art of copying. Only recently has been re-evaluated. This is thanks to the materials and time needed to create sophisticated and exquisite designer necklaces and bracelets.

Custom jewelry,
by trained bead makers

Our daily effort is to hunt for more and more skilled and qualified bead makers spread across Italian territory. We need to develop new ideas because this is what customers are asking us when they contact us. Hardly their requests are related to ordinary jewelery, but often they require high quality and sophisticated designer necklaces. There are jewellery of everyday use which are not made of precious metals such as silver or gold. So, you can easily combine glass jewelry beads with clothes that give a personal and original touch.