jewelry necklaces handmade in Murano Italy
code: N17-04
jewelry necklaces handmade in Venice jewelry necklaces with handmade glass beads jewelry necklaces handcrafted in Italy
lenght: cm. 53.
weight: grams 80.
number of glass beads: 11.
size of beads: 3 pieces mm. 40x18 (twisted shape), 4 pieces mm. 30x14 (twisted shape), 4 pieces mm. 25x12 (twisted shape).
feature of beads: silver leaf melted in transparent aquamarine glass.
fittings: anodized aluminum chain (silver finished), brass toggle clasp (silver plated), brass spacers, rings (silver plated).

Jewelry necklaces,
handcrafted in Italy

Today, more than ever, impeccable elegance can not ignore the glass jewelry necklaces produced by STRAVAGANTE, with the dominant motive of its latest collections. Here are the most seductive lights of the triumph of femininity together with Murano glass beads and charms. Talented Italian lampworkers create beautiful and sparkling jewelry beads for necklaces, pendants and bracelets, always at wholesale price. STRAVAGANTE proposes lovely designer necklaces and Venetian fashion jewelry full of beauty and colors, nowadays increasingly accessible to everyone.

Glass beads,
colorful Murano art

STRAVAGANTE jewelry necklaces are created with the use of glass beads made in Murano in various shapes, style and colors. Colored jewelry beads, cast by gas powered burners, are appreciated by the best fashion jewelry wholesale companies. The production of Murano glass jewelry has known moments of glory in the centuries and moments of decline and today the business of jewelry necklaces made of glass is growing even more. Jewelry necklaces produced by craftsmen STRAVAGANTE have unique and distinctive designs. These unique products, thanks to the incredible polymorphic glass beads, live a new youth combining great cultural issues. A cane of Murano glass is melted and wrapped around a copper rod or clay-covered iron. Then the jewelry beads are finished in an infinite variety of models.

Jewelry beads,
custom qualified artistry

In fact, the handmade jewelry necklaces of STRAVAGANTE designers can be classified as costume jewelery because they are made of non-precious metals and glass beads. Jewelry beads are designed and made in elegant shapes and decorations as found in many Venetian collections. Precious materials, already admired and desired because of those who could afford them, are now replaced by fabulous Murano glass jewels by practiced and able artisans.