jewelry wholesale, great work practice by Italian artisans
code: N17-18
jewelry wholesale, great Venetian talent jewelry wholesale, great Italian competence jewelry wholesale with colorful Pandora Murano
lenght: cm. 45.
weight: grams 64.
number of glass beads: 14.
size of beads: 12 pieces mm. 12x7 (Pandora style beads), 2 pieces mm. 12x7 in the clasp (Pandora style beads).
feature of beads: White dots decoration onto the surface of a vivid scarlet red glass (Ferrari red).
fittings: anodized aluminum chain (gold finished), brass lobster clasp (gold plated), brass chains, rings (gold plated).

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STRAVAGANTE's smart business in the area of customized jewelry wholesale has allowed it to penetrate the market of Pandora compatible charms with strenght and tenacity. It is a market often occupied by two or three monopolists. Retailers around the world buy jewelry from us because our necklaces are colorful, bright and imaginative, and because the production is made at affordable prices. The price of our unique jewelry is typical of the production phase. When our glass masters produce jewelry wholesale with custom beads or Pandora compatible charms, for necklaces or bracelets, money is almost never the primary motivating factor because we are talking about handiworks for the conoisseurs. This attitude is highly appreciated because it gives the seller the opportunity to offer customized handmade goods in a truly original way.

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Together with other small businesses, the jewelry wholesale production of Murano Pandora compatible charms, made this Italian area one of the Venetian trade centers. It is central not only in the field of retail but also deeply oriented to the needs of the international glass jewelry wholesale market. Wholesalers buy jewelry in Italy because they like to remind that through art history the handmaking of this beautiful workmanship has forged their path and style. Its strength is in its variation of type and class.

Pandora compatible charms
with Murano glass beads

Our jewelry wholesale glass designers create Pandora compatible charms and glass beads with large hole that show a peculiar and specific beauty that makes them superior supplies. International importers of jewelry wholesale buy jewelry from STRAVAGANTE because they love to grab whatever Pandora compatible charms made by talented and creative Murano bead makers.