lampwork beads, authentic Italian style
code: N17-20
lampwork beads, authentic Murano style lampwork beads, amazing Venetian style lampwork beads, lovely Italian style
lenght: cm. 56.
weight: grams 136.
number of glass beads: 11.
size of beads: 11 pieces mm. 32x22 (flat oval shape).
feature of beads: black and white glass. Complex swirl decorations.
fittings: spacers in black rubber, brass toggle clasp (silver plated), brass rings (silver plated).

Lampwork beads,
exquisite Italian elegance

The procedure adopted to produce lampwork beads in the style of Murano artisan jewelry shows a technique already applied during the Renaissance in Venice and was developed in the eighteenth century. Even today STRAVAGANTE adopts the same kind of handmade technique with small variations, to create colorful and unique necklaces appreciated also by many online jewelry stores. Since ancient times man has given almost mystical attention to glass, attributing something magical and supernatural to this transparent material. Unique is the Italian developement of complex and elegant lampwork beads such as those with filigree and zanfirico, with reticello, with artisan jewelry works by glass canes and murrine, and also with the incalmo.

Artisan jewelry, made
by skilled bead makers

STRAVAGANTE creates unique necklaces that allow women to design their own jewelry with special lampwork beads. STRAVAGANTE encourages art, individuality and creativity among its customers. It is the appeal that raises the possibility of customize artisan jewelry which makes it a successful article. Distinctive people appreciate the refined decorations of our lampwork beads. People love our artisan jewelry and the Venetian style of unique necklaces made in Italy. The production is also made at affordable wholesale prices.

Unique necklaces,
lovely Venetian craft

Every STRAVAGANTE glass bracelet or necklace is different, giving you the absolute originality that offers a wide range of precious lampwork beads that fit the style of young people. In plain words, STRAVAGANTE's artisan jewelry provide people a concrete way of expressing abstract ideas and emotions. Unable to withstand the magic of glass material and its extraordinary appeal, you can not wear our unique necklaces to go unnoticed.