Want to run and grow your business with boutique collection jewelry wholesale? QUALIFY YOUR BUSINESS. Want your business to qualify as unique and essential? You have to sell wonderful and unmistakable jewels, like those made in Italy by expert artisans. WHICH MANUFACTURERS TO CHOOSE? Work with talented manufacturers, in business by at least 20 years. Choose craftsmen well trained in handmade jewelry and bijouterie. Discard those who do not use refined components made in Italy. CLICK HERE to EMAIL US for details on boutique collection jewelry wholesale and to get the wholesale price listing

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BE UNIQUE, MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS HAPPY. If you want to distinguish your business from the rest of the world, the best option is to sell jewelry that customers can not find anywhere else. How? Make your customers happy with unique fashion jewels, in authentic Italian style. Surprise them with colorful big hole glass beads equipped with creative silver core. Amaze them with designer jewelry, in trendy Venetian style and Murano glass. TRY THIS DELIGHTFUL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. Would you like to create jewelry or the lampworked item that you or your customers had in mind for a long time? Take advantage of our free service. First, send us the features and design of your dreamed jewel, then we will custom make it expressely for you. All with no additional spend for you. Think about it, in this way you will make your customers even happier. boutique collection jewelry wholesale LISTEN TO OUR SATISFIED CUSTOMER: CHAMILIA. We were the official producers of handcrafted glass beads for CHAMILIA (USA) in the years 2003-2005. The founder/owner Killian Rieder wanted to start the production of custom made jewelry, especially glass beads silver cored, to compete with the leaders of those times, TROLLBEADS. She was looking for a reliable artisan jewelry producer of Murano glass beads and STRAVAGANTE solved all their problems. Now Chamilia is the third producer in the world of this type of jewelry and makes a turnover of millions dollars. In 2013 Swarovski acquired Chamilia in a move that should strengthen the brand's position in Europe and North America. SUCCESS STORIES. A similar story occurred with: UNODOMANI (USA) and LUCKYCLOVER (USA) in the years 2005-2007 and TWISTED JEWELRY (Australia) in the years 2007-2009. Regarding the production of custom made jewelry, since 2010 and still today we are the official producers of BIAGI JEWELRY (USA), NOMADES (USA), AMORE & BACI (Italy), EMBRACE (Germany), SKARBY MURANO (Poland), MURANOBLAZE (Canada) and other totally satisfied customers. REACHING THE ENTIRE PLANET IS EASY. Are you a wholesaler, importer, distributor, retailer? Are you owner of a jewelry shop or boutique? Do not worry, we sell to your company wherever it is based in the world. boutique collection jewelry wholesale TIMELINESS IS ESSENTIAL. Fast production time. Fast delivery. Your jewelry will be shipped in 2-3 days, by qualified express couriers. WHAT YOU SPEND IS A CRUCIAL DECISION. Imagine surprising prices for jewelry that can not be found elsewhere. Benefit from wholesale prices 50% and 70% off the MSRP. YOUR BUDGET DOESN'T FIT OUR PRICES? Don't panic, enjoy the benefits of our two-steps free service: First, tell us the price range you would like to pay. Second, we make the project of some jewels in line with your budget, and manufacture them exclusively for you. CLICK HERE to EMAIL US for details on boutique collection jewelry wholesale and to get the wholesale price listing http://www.stravagante-jewelry.com - STRAVAGANTE ITALIAN JEWELRY - Studiosoft - Via Pascoli 1 - 24030 Presezzo - Italy - Tax Id. No. (VAT) IT01496350164 - Chamber of Commerce Id. No. BG-1996-359443 - Fax +39 035 614966 - e-mail: info@stravagante-jewelry.com - Skype: stravagantejewelry