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code: N17-19
online jewelry stores, Venetian production online jewelry stores, Italian elegance online jewelry stores, Venetian elegance and quality
lenght: cm. 52.
weight: grams 80.
number of glass beads: 17.
size of beads: 15 pieces mm. 12x7 (Pandora style beads), 2 pieces mm. 12x7 in the clasp (Pandora style beads).
feature of beads: 24k gold leaf melted into cobalt blue glass. External crystal coating.
fittings: anodized aluminum chain (gold finished), brass lobster clasp (gold plated), brass chains, rings (gold plated).

Online jewelry stores,
Italian craftmanship

STRAVAGANTE, one of the best online jewelry stores, allows any woman to create her own custom trendy necklaces and decide which budget price she wants to spend. Our glassmaking facilities for the production of handmade boutique jewelry with colorful Pandora style beads are made up of over twelve glass laboratories based in Venice area and Tuscany. The critical speed and precision of movements during the creation of beads for our online jewelry stores are only acquired after a long experience. We only work with trained and competent Italian bead makers and sell in bulk to jewelry wholesale distributors.

Boutique jewelry,
Murano glass beads

The famous exquisite Venetian glassmasters are creators of innovative trendy necklaces and bracelets. They offer original and customized solutions every day in the formal style of Murano glass beads for our online jewelry stores. Refined boutique jewelry, this special Italian art has became almost the exclusive activity of the Murano people from father to son, giving birth to actual dynasties of fantastic jewelry manufacturers. STRAVAGANTE has participated in this adventure as far back as 2002, reaching a unique, modish and unmistakable mastery.

Trendy necklaces
in Pandora style

A different artistic style trend has been developed by online jewelry stores from the influences of northern Europe, especially from Denmark, where some innovative boutique jewelry companies have proposed a new technology in glass lampworking and a new methodology based on the construction of trendy necklaces with large hole beads, made from silver and other precious glass components. Hence the long line of Italian artists, often individual craftsmen specializing in the creation of exquisite large hole charms for Pandora bracelets.