trendy necklaces refined in Murano
code: N17-09
trendy necklaces refined in Venice trendy necklaces with refined glass beads trendy necklaces assembled in Italy
lenght: cm. 46.
weight: grams 56.
number of glass beads: 7.
size of beads: 1 piece mm. 20x20 (heart shape), 4 pieces mm. 20x20 (flat round shape), 2 pieces mm. 15x15 (flat round shape).
feature of beads: 24k gold leaf melted in transparent crystal glass. Black onyx glass in the clasp and in a few beads, with external crystal coating.
fittings: anodized aluminum chain (gold finished), brass chain clasp (gold plated), brass cups, rings, pins (gold plated).

Trendy necklaces,
Italian artistry

Contemporary wholesale bulk production of trendy necklaces and colorful bracelets can be considered in all respects a residual and real modern reinterpretation of the work of the twentieth century. The renowned Italian fashion designers of handmade jewelry realized very well that, for every woman, jewels made with glass beads have always been traced in models of beauty and seduction. Italian jewelry manufacturers and glass bead artists skilled in making customized and trendy necklaces follow the standards of quality in production not always found in modern times. They have marked a particular moment of fashion, costume and design, influencing the artistry of handmade jewelry, other than lifestyles, art and culture.

Handmade jewelry,
refined and stylish

What is essential to trendy necklaces suppliers is to understand the aesthetic and practical needs of consumers who want handmade jewelry with beauty, fit and no extravagance. The first rule for the wholesale supplier of trendy necklaces is that the consumer has to love the product, so all our handmade jewelry with glass beads have their own special concept and all reach the goal possible.

Glass beads,
Murano skillfulness

As for the Venetian growing business of trendy necklaces made with glass beads and glass charms, the colors obtained in a beads with the addition of metallic oxides are variable for the temperature and all this is due to the attachment that the glassmasters of Murano Venice have towards the tradition. Trendy necklaces with 24-carat gold leaf inserts are just a few examples of good STRAVAGANTE's productive capacity, which among other things is able to optimize its production processes to obtain fantastic handmade jewelry.