unique jewelry made by great craftpersons
code: N17-17
unique jewelry, great work experience unique jewelry, great training unique jewelry, great qualification
lenght: cm. 44.
weight: grams 52.
number of glass beads: 8.
size of beads: 8 pieces mm. 12x7 (Pandora style beads).
feature of beads: Cubic zirconia pieces melted onto a caribbean blue glass core. External crystal coating.
fittings: anodized aluminum chain (gold finished), brass lobster clasp (gold plated), brass chains, rings (gold plated).

Unique jewelry with
colorful Pandora Murano

This piece of unique jewelry is made of precious Pandora glass beads. All jewelry beads are equipped with six pieces of cubic zirconia. The technique used to insert cubic zirconia in this type of beads for jewelry necklaces is very sophisticated and secretly kept by our valued bead makers. These unique jewelry are specially designed for hard wholesale customers who want to propose the Pandora glass beads in a way different from the one offered by the classic known brands. We can make these handmade jewelry necklaces in hundreds of new versions, very colorful with refined Italian taste.

Pandora glass beads,
by talented craftsmen

STRAVAGANTE has acquired from 2003-2004 a remarkable skill in creating unique jewelry based on countless diversities of Pandora glass beads. Currently we are the only Italian company able to solve any productive needs on the theme of Pandora Murano beads. These jewelry necklaces are the result of exceptional creativity. Our nice customers who ask for custom made jewelry are very pleased with our work and our creative genius.

Jewelry necklaces,
fine Venetian workmanship

We are proud to have achieved remarkable performances in the refined and unique jewelry manufacturing work for the International market. We have worked many years to produce such sophisticated jewelry necklaces and bracelets, but time and effort has rewarded us, and now we can say with absolute certainty that our Pandora glass beads have no equal throughout Venetian and Murano production.