unique necklaces produced by amazing beadmakers
code: N17-24
unique necklaces with amazing qualification unique necklaces with amazing work practice unique necklaces with amazing proficiency
lenght: cm. 58.
weight: grams 124.
number of glass beads: 11.
size of beads: 11 pieces mm. 35x25 (flat twisted leaf shape).
feature of beads: bright dichroic black glass.
fittings: fuchsia rubber spacers, brass toggle clasp (silver plated), brass spacers, rings (silver plated).

Unique necklaces made
by skilled Italian artisans

STRAVAGANTE produces unique necklaces using glass beads and high quality raw materials, with such versatility to allow the creation of complex and durable trendy jewelry. We are also specialized in the handmade mass production of elegant Pandora glass beads and Pandora compatible charms for American customers. Although it may seem strange, in recent years, to create unique necklaces, the production of glass beads with the use of special dichroic materials, decorations and colorful variations has been the main and real motivation to try the penetration of already well established trendy jewelry markets.

Trendy jewelry with
Murano glass beads

I've long been a wholesale trendy jewelry manufacturer and I want to try to list some of the reasons people buy unique necklaces and bracelets from us. I think the experiencing, exploring and enjoying of our unique necklaces is about personal growth. Some people buy customized Italian trendy jewelry from us because they think it is a good investment. I am constantly surprised that people still think this way. It has rarely been true and I think that investing in cool, stylish and sophisticated Italian glass beads in the Venetian style is a safe place to put one's money. STRAVAGANTE in a few years has become the Italian industry leader in wholesale trendy jewelry with regard the offer of Murano glass beads.

Glass beads made
by talented lampworkers

An historical overview of Italian glass beads from the early men to our time reveals the extraordinary breadth of human creativity and style. The history of the wholesale Murano manufacturers of unique necklaces introduces to the culture of Venetian people and more generally to the Italian art of glass. Particular trendy jewelry pieces are often considered investments and if the Italian trained craftsmanship is generally modish and exquisite, however, traditional designs prevail. Glass beads designs now merge more with clothing. From the beginning, the Italian unique necklaces have always communicated all the issues of human behavior. In other words the jewel has never been a function of its own.