wholesale boutique jewelry, amazing Italian talent
code: N17-25
wholesale boutique jewelry with amazing competence wholesale boutique jewelry, unique craftmanship wholesale boutique jewelry made with unique Italian workmanship
lenght: cm. 58.
weight: grams 72.
number of glass beads: 11.
size of beads: 11 pieces mm. 30x10 (cylindrical shape).
feature of beads: silver leaf wrapped around a transparent petroleum green glass.
fittings: petroleum green rubber spacers, brass toggle clasp (silver plated), brass spacers, rings (silver plated).

Wholesale boutique jewelry,
customized and refined

Although it is often very thin the line between wholesale boutique jewelry and Murano glass jewelry, the main difference lies in the fact that the first is mass produced with the help of machines, while art jewelry is handmade, refined and customized. As for our online jewelry boutique, most of the artisans who produce unique necklaces for us reject the notions of this art as an investment or short-term fashion because their value is in the execution and expression of ideas. Contemporary wholesale boutique jewelry can be divided into three categories: precious one with exclusive designs like many renowned Italian brands, costume jewelry or fancy with cheap and inexpensive materials, and Murano glass jewelry art and craft often produced in small workshops or laboratories. The jewels described and sold by STRAVAGANTE in its online jewelry boutique all belong to the third category.

Murano glass jewelry,
colorful Italian craftmanship

Murano glass beads used in wholesale boutique jewelry continue to have personal connotations for those who wear it, expressing personal taste and social status. In one form or the other, our online jewelry boutique is strongly linked to the art of Murano glass jewelry as it creates a bridge of continuity between past, present and future. In a colorful Italian glass bead made with talented craftmanship we feel the universe.

Online jewelry boutique,
great glass necklaces

Many of us, when buying contemporary wholesale boutique jewelry, feel like we've come into a close partnership with the manufacturer. As a Murano glass jewelry supplier, I am proud when I can show my glass necklaces in a gallery exhibition. I am even more proud when I have a trade fair show or when a work of our online jewelry boutique sells for some impressive price at Etsy or other marketplaces.