wholesale fashion jewelry, unique artistry in Italian style
code: N17-26
wholesale fashion jewelry, unique craft art made in Italy wholesale fashion jewelry, unique Venetian handiwork wholesale fashion jewelry, unique skillfulness by Murano artisans
lenght: cm. 53.
weight: grams 72.
number of glass beads: 13.
size of beads: 11 pieces mm. 30x10 (cylindrical shape), 2 pieces mm. 15 (flat round shape in the clasp).
feature of beads: silver leaf wrapped around a transparent light blue glass. 24k gold leaf melted into crystal glass in the clasp.
fittings: light blue rubber spacers, brass lobster clasp (gold plated), brass spacers, rings (gold plated).

Wholesale fashion jewelry,
trendy glass necklace

STRAVAGANTE produces in Italy wholesale fashion jewelry and lamp worked beads for trendy glass necklaces. We produce for our online jewelry stores elegant necklaces, bracelets, charms, earrings, pendants and rings. Our best customers are owners of wholesale boutique jewelry shops. STRAVAGANTE jewels are made of Murano glass beads and 925 sterling silver. Our talented artisans and beadmakers follow the ancient tradition of the Venetian and Italian art. The handmade wholesale fashion jewelry in our collections have been crafted in our factory following the tradition and style of the ancient art of Murano glass jewelry.

Online jewelry stores,
renowned Italian designs

This art has handed down the masters of Venetian glassware for centuries to centuries. The renowned Italian design adds new dimensions to our world. It invites us to think in new ways. It gives hope and opens up possibilities. It can lift us over ordinary wholesale fashion jewelry. Without this special and unique skill, many of us could never understand the meaning and value of life that others are able to see and feel. On the web there are dozens of online jewelry stores that meets the style of Italian people, but only a few are able to produce fine and customized Murano glass beads. The Murano master's manual skill is more to be seen in free hand modeling directly at the factory.

Murano glass beads
by expert lampworkers

I am not very interested in presenting my colorful glass necklaces that somebody else happens to think is 'hot' at a given moment. I am a designer who works in partnership with renowned Murano glass bead workers who produce fantastic jewelry for various online jewelry stores. Although I produce wholesale fashion jewelry at affordable prices, most people buy Venetian necklaces and bracelets from Italian online jewelry stores because they want something that reflects who they are or something they enjoy or expect to enjoy for a long time. STRAVAGANTE's expert lamp workers produce wholesale fashion jewelry and sometimes this company provides glass beads for special events.