womens necklace made in Murano by skilled bead makers

Womens necklace,
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The exquisite lampworking process, applied to the womens necklace jewelry, fascinated people in the centuries. The results obtained in the artistic creation of glass jewelry necklaces in Murano Venice have always been of the highest level. Blow Murano glass beads for trendy necklaces is a magical art, it is a fascinating and captivating sight. There is no Venetian artisan who does not dream of blowing a vitreous mass, trapping the air inside. The best production of a womens necklace with Murano beads consists in the modeling of some semi-finished forms of tubes and rods, with different diameters and thickness. Firstly the heat softens the rod using a horizontal flame fueled by methane gas and oxygen. Then, Murano glass beads to make beautiful jewelry necklaces are obtained by wrapping the glass melted around a copper wire or iron coated with refractory material. And finally, you are captivated by the sight of an amazing womens necklace and you feel an urgent need to buy jewelry from STRAVAGANTE company.

Jewelry necklaces,
handmade in Italy

The Italian art for the manufacture of womens necklace elements was developed in Venice in a progressive manner from the thirteenth century until the eighteenth century. The fame of the Venetian bead makers, skilled in jewelry necklaces, grew significantly, and there are many historical anecdotes that give account of their abilities. The glassmaking art of trendy necklaces existed in the lagoon of Venice from as early as the 8th century. STRAVAGANTE introduced its first womens necklace in the 1998 year. The first charms for Pandora bracelets equipped with silver core during the 2004 year. And soon their jewelry necklaces became very popular in Europe, and later overseas.

Trendy necklaces,
with Murano glass beads

The art of making womens necklace items, almost becomes the exclusive activity of the lampworkers based in Murano. Handed down from father to son this art gave birth to actual dynasties of glassware masters, some of which are still active from the Middle Ages up to now. This makes Murano one of the most ancient, if not the most ancient productive settlement of jewelry necklaces made from glass still in activity. The peculiarity of Murano artisans consists of precious trendy necklaces wanted by collectors all over the world. They up today maintain unaltered their glamour and their elite value. Each womens necklace produced by STRAVAGANTE arouses wonder and admiration.